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Zoho Backup Service

Secure Your Data with Ease! Our Zoho CRM Backup Service ensures your data is safe and accessible. Forget the 7-day download limit - we store your backups for an entire year. Sign up now for hassle-free data security!

Our services act as a complement to the existing Zoho platform policies, enhancing and reinforcing your data security measures for total peace of mind.  
Yes, Zoho performs weekly full backups and daily incremental backups, maintaining 3 months of backups ON THEIR SERVERS. And you can download your Zoho CRM data twice a month, included in your plan. 

Our $79/month backup plan adds extra security and convenience for those who prefer to keep their data files at all times and might not regularly do their own bi-weekly downloads.

Our Service Details:

  • Regular, bi-weekly Zoho CRM data backups (up to 1 GB of data).
  • Uploads to your chosen cloud or on-prem storage.
  • Forget the stress of the 7-day download window.

Our Optional Addons:

  • Store on our cloud storage for only $5/month.
  • Include more Zoho apps in the backup plan for just $5/month each.

Stated price is limited to maximum 1 GB of total data per backup. Orgs with larger data sets priced upon request.

For only $79/month, our service offers the security and convenience you need. Avoid potential data disasters and stay ahead.

Still undecided? Let's talk about how our service can fit your needs.

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You can read Zoho's official backup/restore and security policies here.